Pay Per Click Advertising How Does it Work

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When the competition is too high, and promotion on high-frequency queries does not yield results, pay-per-click advertising enters the arena.

Our offer is addressed to you if you: 

  • Want to get interested potential customers cheaper than using contextual advertising.
  • want to use a strategy that has proven its effectiveness in the sector of promotion of commercial sites;
  • you work in an industry where demand fluctuates significantly depending on the season;
  • Did not get the desired results for high-frequency queries and are looking for alternative site promotion schemes.

How much does it cost?  

  • From 1 rupee per click. The price for a transition directly depends on the level of competition in your topic. Our specialists analyses the results every month and submit a report based on the statistics service data.
  • Payment plan                    
  • [number of attracted visitors] x [cost per visitor]
  • We guarantee the absence of hidden fees and additional tariffs, as well as monthly fees.

How we are working?    

  • we study the competitive environment and draw up a promotion strategy;
  • we form the semantic core of requests;
  • Optimize the site.

After that, the site is ready for promotion.

Then the fun begins.

We regularly analyses search queries and improve the semantic core of your site.

Our goal is to increase conversions by attracting as many targeted visitors as possible and thereby increase your sales.

Why Mydigitalhousing?

  1. Promotion with a financial guarantee: you will not pay a single rupee in excess of the amount specified in the contract.
  2. Transparent payment system – you pay only for clicks from the search engine. Thanks to Google Analytics or Live Internet, you can track all visitors who came to your site from search engines.
  3. Not only quantity but also quality. You do not get numbers on the counters, but targeted visitors and, as a result, more calls to the site and more sales.

Do you want to reach the target audience as much as possible? Take advantage of website promotion not only by traffic but also by the “Words + Traffic” scheme. It advantageously combines the strengths of the two promotion strategies. Increase the flow of interested visitors to your site.

Pay-per-click advertising from Mydigitalhousing increases the number of targeted visitors – and potential customers.

Do you want to increase traffic and sales? Call: +91 9659654848 or write to – our specialist will provide the necessary information. You can also contact us in another convenient way.


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